November 16th, 2011

It's been nearly 2 months since my last official weigh-in....and unfortunately the scales show it. Actually I was still maintaining my most recent weight (148) that is until my boyfriend and I went on a 7 night cruise.

Have any of you ever been on a cruise? It's a dieter's nightmare (or greatest dream since the reason dieters need to diet is because they love food too much). There is food available literally 24/7, awesome buffets, great desserts...I just couldn't say no...EVER. As of today I am up to 156, but as this post's title suggests, I am resetting and moving forward.

Under my weight goals on the right hand side, I have set new goals for myself and even a new (and lower) final goal weight.

Now for your viewing pleasure...a few pics from my cruise:

Holding a wild string ray in Grand Cayman

Mayan Ruins in Belize

Grand Cayman


Snake in Cozumel

Chillin on the boat


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